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About Us

Mr.Chaitanya Ingale

Dirt n Clean…..A Subsidiary of Vardhans Group.
Mr.Chaitanya Ingale is Founder and CEO of Vardhans Group.
With the experience of spectacular 9 years, Vardhans Group has maintained the immaculate track records of merchandise cleaning. Dirt n Clean, well known Subsidiary of this group that has expertise of personal care as well as professional cleaning professional Mr.Chaitanya Ingale, who has been having 11+ years Experience in Domestic, Concierge and Corporate Facilities services. Dirt n Clean is catering with the aim to propagate the drive of clean and hygienic environment that leads to healthy life style. Vardhans Group began focusing on select Property Management services act as a one-point solution for managing and maintaining residences.
He believes in providing experiences rather than just transactions in all the services provided by Vardhans Group. He wants his company’s customers to end up on the winning side, gaining more in value for the price they pay for services.
For Chaitanya, the most important goal is to create a company where everyone works providing quality, commitment, value for money, honesty and timely service in all they do.
He believes that Dirt n Clean’s journey has barely begun and it has a long way to go in its quest to delight its customers through services offered with a heart. He is very proud of the team he has with him. Prior to founding Dirt n Clean, he had worked as a Housekeeper, Receptionist and Housekeeping Supervisor. Helping create Dirt n Clean into a world class organization with pan India presence is his mission.

Our Team

Mr.Umesh Shrawane

Mr.Umesh having 10+ Years in the Corporate and Concierge Facilities Management. Mr.Umesh Shrawane is Co Founder and Director of Vardhans Group. Backbone and sincere brain of Vardhans Group while handling Operations in his own control for all Operations Team members and Clients also. When Vardhans Group was transitioning from concierge services to facilities management, he was the one who almost single handedly carried the day for the company. He put together the house keeping teams and ensured the quality of services. He took interest in putting in place a team of Housekeepers, and other staff as per Requirement of Clients saw to it that they produced quality work for customers. It was under his guidance that the new client Transition services at Vardhans Group Executed. Apart from the above contributions Umesh was always the Man Friday for Vardhans Group, not hesitating to contribute where ever and when ever his help was needed. He is invaluable especially because he lives by the company values of quality, commitment, value for money, honesty and timely service.
Umesh has been with Dirt n Clean for more than 5 years, having joined as a Manager Operations. He has grown tremendously over the years on account of his ability to show up and produce results. He is now a Director of the Vardhans Group. His dream is to play a pivotal role in making Vardhans Group into a household and corporate name all over India.