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Car Cleaning Services

Car spa,wash,interior cleaning services in Pune, India

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Our Car Cleaning Services in Pune India truly symbolises comfort, convenience and class! However, besides these three Cs, there are a few more things which it symbolises effortlessly are independence, uniqueness and prominence. There is immense and deep satisfaction in driving a flawless and finely maintained car.

Car cleaning will be done at your doorstep only

With our excellent Car Cleaning Services in Pune India, we pay complete attention to all the intricate detailing of car cleaning services. Our cleaning services include cleaning, shampooing protecting your car.

• We apply best international cleaning methods as well as scientific processes.
• Best Manpower training techniques which includes hygiene, safety and etiquettes.
• Our team undergoes regular health check up.
• Team appointed after police verification.
• Our cleaning services are eco-friendly and usage of minimal water.
• Real Time Services!

Intensive Car Cleaning

Get set for a remarkable car cleaning with our finest car cleaning services! • We clean your car fully with sanitized interiors, dirt, mud and fungi free as well as ensure fresh and healthy air.
• If the exteriors are finely polished and well protected then the paint of your car will be saved from harmful external elements such as UV rays, contaminants, pollution, bird droppings, dirt and daily cleaning.
• Interiors of the car will be finely vacuumed, deep cleaned, conditioning as well as shampooing. On the other hand, exteriors of the car will be shampooed, polished, waxed for a sparkling shine.

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