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This Post construction Project Cleaning Services in Pune India Cleans

First impressions are critical in the building industry. Your finished construction is not completed until it’s clean and sparkling and ready to show prospective buyers or new tenants.
What does it involve?
1. Thorough internal and external, ‘top-to-bottom’ building clean to prepare your building for sale or move-in.
2. Clearing and removal of all construction dust, left over rubbish and stray building materials.
3. Cleaning of windows and window frames, stainless steel surfaces, doors and door frames, walls, skirting boards, stairs and stairwells, light switches and electrical fittings, radiators and heating ducts.
4. Cleaning and polishing of hard surface floors.
5. Clearing of outdoor patios, footpaths, parking areas and driveways and anything else that is unique to your construction.
6. Entire Deep Cleaning of Property and ready to occupy by buyer or Tenant

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