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Housekeeping Services in Pune

Housekeeping Services in Pune

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Dirt n Clean, Pioneer name in top list of housekeeping services in Pune, is catering with the aim to propagate the drive of clean and hygienic environment that leads to the healthy lifestyle. dirt n clean focusing on select Property Management services act as a one-point solution for managing and maintaining residences,Vardhan Group has maintained the immaculate track records of merchandise cleaning. Dirt n Clean, well-known Subsidiary of this group that has expertise in personal care as well as professional cleaning.with 11+ years Experience in Domestic, Concierge, and Corporate cleaning management services in Pune India.

Dirt n Clean which provides you housekeeping and home cleaning services in Baner Pune,Maharashtra India , with this service you can stay very comfortable in your house .Lean on that so soft bed with clean linen, take a shower and enjoy a happy meal is the comfort we find in our home. One can do anything to alter a house into the home so as you. You don’t have the idea that your space is being shared by microbes, germs, and dust mites.for all these germs and dust we provide upholstery, floor cleaning services in Pune, maharashtra, India

Well, you can have more exciting things to do when you make a call to your speed dial for residential bedroom, kitchen, washroom,all type of cleaning services in Pune India – “DIRT N CLEAN”.

Our cleaning crew ensures the blend of right chemicals and technique to give you an incredibly clean space. So, experience the joy of a deep cleaned home,sofa cleaning,carpet cleaning ,chair cleaning all cleaning services available on your demand in Pune India ,So breathe easy in a filtered toxin-free air and don’t be worried about the infections that might prevail as we would have taken care of that.

So, experience the joy of a professional deep housekeeping and home cleaning services in Pune India , breathe easy in a filtered toxin-free air and don’t be worried about the infections that might prevail as we would have taken care of that.

Contact “DIRT N CLEAN” for Complete Home Care now to know more. Services start @ Rs.1000. Have a happy healthy living.

Washroom Cleaning Services In Pune

Washroom Cleaning services in pune,India
  • Washroom Cleaning services in pune India, Clean the commode & Soap wash of the entire toilet room.
  • Scrubbing and cleaning the floor & wall tiles.
  • Cleaning and polishing of taps, shower, light fittings inside the toilet etc.
  • Sink thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and rinsed
  • Tub and/or shower tiles thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and rinsed
  • Toilets disinfected inside and out, including base and behind
  • Mirrors cleaned & Baseboards dusted or wiped.Vacuum and/or wash floor
  • Finger prints removed from all woodwork, door frames and switch plates
  • Floor thoroughly scrubbed & Window Frame and Glass Stripes Cleaned

Your wish for a spring smell clean washroom is just a call away Service that would bring a bright smile on the lips of every one – once the cleaning is done and over with! If you need some help, you can bank on Dirt n Clean to make your toilets happy, bright and spotless. This is the one place in your house which needs attention first. Dirt n Clean has its own uniformed and reliable staff to take care of your toilet cleaning. Here is what Dirt n Clean staff will do when cleaning your toilet.

Kitchen Cleaning Services In Pune

Kitchen Cleaning Services in pune,India

Experience the art of cleaning and healing with us, as We Kitchen Cleaning Services in Pune India carefully scrape off the germs from your kitchen and give you a clean cooking cabin. Our services include....

  • Dust and wipe all cabinet doors from outside
  • Complete cleaning of kitchen sink and countertops
  • Dust and wipe all appliances’ exteriors/from outside
  • Mechanized floor cleaning
  • Wipe refrigerator from outside {Dust top & clean front and handles}
  • Wipe refrigerator from outside {Dust top & clean front and handles}
  • Disinfect kitchen area. Deep Floor Wasing

Clean kitchen is a sight of delight!!!
If you are cooking lover then you must have craze for clean and neat kitchen. Pest free kitchen includes neat cooking counters, chimney, non-grease kitchen shelves, non-sticky appliances and perfectly cleaned trash box. It is said that healthy kitchen can only cook tasty and healthy food. You cook for your family not for those germs which perpetuate in your kitchen voids. An unhealthy greasy kitchen gives well breading areas to germs than smelling corner of washroom. This is primarily because there is a glut of decomposing organic material on the cooking surface and nearby areas which extends invitation to microorganism and rodents to form their families. Neither your daily process of cleanliness nor you can destroy these disease carriers. Your regular maid falls little of the cleaning-hygiene balance while you certainly don’t have time to clear any dirt
Your way to Merry Munching Let your kitchen be remembered for sumptuous food flavor blends and not that sticky shelf or stench. Flies, Cockroaches, Ants, Lizards, Spiders can’t feast in there... You have to act now...
Don’t compromise on the aroma and flavor of food. Let “Dirt n Clean” do the cleaning the mess part while you go your way to merry munching!!!

General area

Doors,windows,tables and floor cleaning services in pune,India
  • Wipe dust and stains from appliances
  • Dust all drawers, tables and cabins.
  • All window sills dusted and cleaned
  • Lobbys and Balconies Cleaning
  • Deep Floor Wasing
  • Skirting Cleaning
  • Cob Web Cleaning
  • And Many more for Deep Clean of House.

Bedrooms Cleaning Services In Pune

Bedrooms cleaning Services in pune,India
  • Bedrooms cleaning Services in pune India, Clean Carpets and or Floor vacuumed / spot cleaned for any stains
  • All areas dusted – on top, on front and underneath
  • Picture frames dusting & Mirrors cleaned
  • Beds vacuumed (Under bed vacuumed if accessible)
  • Lamp shades wiped down or dusting
  • Windowsills and channels cleaning
  • Finger prints removed from all woodwork, door frames and switch plates
  • Wash or dust table and chairs
  • Dustbin emptied & Cobwebs Removed
  • Dry Dusting of walls,Roof Cleaning,Fans Cleaning
  • Air Condition Unit (External) Cleaning & Deep Floor Washing

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