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Why us

Our Guarantee

A professional cleaning isn't complete without your satisfaction. In our 7 years as a residential cleaning company, we have worked to understand the needs of homeowners. That means our housecleaners create and execute customized plans specific to your service needs.
As with all new relationships, miscommunication happens. And sometimes we make mistakes – missing a key ceiling fan or wastebasket. At Dirt n Clean, we would never ask you to live with any mistake, because your complete satisfaction is our goal. Want a residential cleaning company that guarantees its work? Contact your Dirt n Clean today to get started.

The Professional Difference

Our Resources are highly skilled with more than 7-9 years of experience in their respective domains. We have a stringent hiring process that ensures utmost degree of quality, delivery, commitment and safety for you. Our Resources are at your service 24/7, 365 days in a year.
Professional house cleaning from Dirt n Clean means that each room in your house receives the attention it deserves.
Here's a closer look at our residential cleaning process for these important rooms of your home. Click on each room for specific details about our professional cleaning services. Compared to the cost of a night out or service from an independent provider, Dirt n Cleans’ professional cleaning services have tremendous value.

Time Saving

Everyone’s home and cleaning routines are absolutely unique.
But when you look at the average amount of time Indian homeowners spend cleaning their house, condominium or apartment each year, services from a professional cleaning company like Dirt n Clean can put about four days’ worth of free time back into the life of a typical customer.
That’s like getting nearly an extra week of vacation!
Put relaxation back into your evenings and maximum fun back into your weekends by hiring Dirt n Clean for house cleaning services. And enjoy the incredible feeling of coming home to a house cleaned by professionals, according to your own custom cleaning plan.

Dirt n Clean V/s Independent Service Providers

Why Choose Dirt n Clean over an Independent Home Cleaning Service?

When you hire Dirt n Clean for your house cleaning needs, you know you are getting all the benefits of professional home cleaning, while still getting a plan to fit your individual home.

Benefits of Dirt n Clean

  • Dirt n Clean is an established name
  • Unlike some independent home cleaning providers, Dirt n Clean is an established name you know you can trust in the place where you live, eat, and play. Each professional cleaning expert is required to take a training course to ensure the residential housekeepers are prepared and professional when they come to your home wearing the iconic Dirt n Clean uniform and Identity Card.

  • Dirt n Clean has over 8+ years of experience
  • Since 2007, Dirt n Clean has built successful customer relationships. Our professional home cleaning service is also more than willing to work with a customer if anything is damaged or broken during one of our visits.

  • Each Dirt n Clean residential housekeeper is bonded and insured
  • When you use Dirt n Clean house cleaning services, a team of two or Three as per Requirements trained, bonded, and insured employees will arrive to your home. Since Dirt n Clean employees are not sub-contractors, we take care of workers’ compensation and employment taxes.

  • No contracts
  • Dirt n Clean proves its value with every clean. We arrive to clean with top quality International Branded, Eco Friendly, Non Toxic and Approved by BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Sciences) cleaning products and commercial vacuums, Auto Scrubbers, Single Disc Scrubber, High Pressure Jet Machines and work to deliver a clean that works for you. Each residential housekeeper is also held accountable for their house cleaning by a Dirt n Clean supervisor. This unique measure ensures your home looks the way you want every time.